My name is Kristen Leonard, owner and designer of CharleyGirl.


I earned a BFA in painting, drawing, pottery, woodworking and metals.  It makes me so happy when someone falls in love with their new skirt, or when their CharleyGirl Skirt is one of the favorite pieces in their closet.


I'm an incredibly proud mom to two amazing girls, Charley and Tessa, who inspire me to be my best self everyday.  They are a constant reminder to look for the beauty and fun in what is around me.


Skirts Happen...….

I began designing skirts when my daughter, Charley, was in my belly... I made my first wrap skirt from small, funky pieces of fabric I stitched together.  I had a vision to create a skirt that would grow with me and offer an alternative to the bland maternity-wear available.  Once the first skirt was completed, I was bombarded with requests for more and more, and so began CharleyGirl.